As I started thinking more and more about place, as well as both my relationships and humans’ relationships in general with places, I started reading about it. A lot. In typical obsessive Nicole fashion, I started collecting resources – pages and pages of them, so many that I couldn’t list them all here, and that I was thoroughly surprised when I started digging things up. But they’re wonderful, every one, some short, some long, and since I know this is… Read more »

A couple of days this week I brought Sylvia Plath’s Ariel to clinic with me, to read in the moments without patients in the triaje (vitals) unit I’ve been working in. This copy of Ariel is a thin ivory paperback, lent to me in a stack of poetry books from my dad, or stolen off his shelves at some point a couple years ago. Inside the back cover is his signature and a date – May 27, 1981 – and inside the front cover… Read more »

My family is relocating, for the first time in all the time I can remember. My parents did this once when I was one and a half years old. Except different from last time, they are moving not thirty miles but ACROSS THE COUNTRY. (I’m actually not freaked out at all by this. I just like using all caps for emphasis.) Is it really bad that in thinking about moving away from my childhood home, the only thing on my… Read more »

And, in a lot of ways, so is the college admissions process. Let’s make that above statement a little clearer, at the very least by saying that the reverse is very not true – online dating is not a science, not in the least. Nut I was struck last night by the idea that science (or really, my attempts to get into science last summer) resembles accounts of online dating. Back to the beginning. This all starts with Aziz Ansari… Read more »