modern romance

  • Latest book book is Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance. Started last weekend and… not read at all this week. SUCCESS! Uh, no. But it is truly freaking amazing, in part because I am kinda in love with comedy while being the lamest comedy geek ever (see: Mindy Kaling’s memoir (reread four times) and a more-than-mild infatuation with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee). So, excited to actually sit down and read this thing next week.


  • I have decided as of this evening that it will be good for my mental health to read every one of Frank Bruni’s NYT op-ed pieces on the college admissions process. So that’s going to be a thing. 


  • I’m going to Machu Picchu this weekend, which involves two bus rides and two train rides, and my incredibly wonderfully packed backpack (unlike this time) has both Pablo Neruda’s Residence on Earth which I’m taking forever to get through, and Ariel by Sylvia Plath, which I nearly read in one sitting then realized I had a 100 or 101 fever and Sylvia wasn’t helping me. So starting over!


  • Not on books: I figured out about myself a couple weeks ago that I really like running to out of date pop music (and Sylvan Esso and Alt-J). Am I totally out of my mind?!


Okay, enough for tonight. Need to sleep soon.

One thought on “On reading right now. (volume 4)

  1. HMS

    well, I think whatever you run to that works for you is good. What’s that expression about finding your inner drummer or something?
    The NYT Bruni columns area good idea. His usual well-thought out comments. Perspective always helpful in this nutsy process where you don’t want to de-value yourself, but don’t want to make it a race to exhaustion.


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