There are a number of things I am excited for when I get home. (Tofu, not secretly eating meat and finding out about it later, seeing family and friends, etc etc) What I’m most excited for right now? Altitude, or really lack thereof.

Altitude for Cusco, Peru = 10,800 ft or more than 2 miles, or basically, running kinda sucks here. I know I’m out of shape, but feeling like collapsing after, say, seven minutes of light jogging is kinda extreme. But I can’t be blamed because you’re TWO FREAKING MILES above sea level here.

Then, altitude for Portland, Oregon = 50 ft or about 0.01 mi = lovely, lovely running, aka no excuse to not start training for a half marathon like I’ve been wanting to for, oh, a year and a half now. (Just do it already!)

(Altitude for The School on The Hill, in case you’re curious = 404 ft, but it’s good I’ll be in Portland first because trail running is not my specialty, which is what most everything at school is.)

I lent out my copy of What I Talk About When I Talk About Running a couple of months ago, otherwise I’d be rereading it basically every other day.

So excited. Let’s go.


2 thoughts on “Anticipatory excitement.

  1. Karlita

    Hi! So I found your blog by Googling “Bogs boots” + “Cusco.” I am flying to Cusco this Saturday to stay for about 2.5 months, and I don’t particularly like the idea of wearing my supposedly waterproof and decidedly not as luscious hiking boots all the time just over rain, not hiking. I am on my third pair of Bogs, some North Hamptons – slightly more fashionable and slightly less rugged than previous pairs. Do you think I would slip-slide all over Cusco’s steep streets in these? Is it good, Packing Princess, to include these AND my hikers AND 1-2 whole other pairs of footwear? Do please email me your advice.

    Okay, business aside, what a pleasure to discover your blog. I’m newly licensed as a family nurse practitioner and will be volunteering part-time with an NGO in Pisac, adventuring, and polishing my Spanish for my awesome new job in Portland (I am a former and very stoked future resident. The place is my soul’s home.) I love getting your angle on life in Cusco. I, too, think Atul Gawande is the bomb. I will enjoy perusing more of your stories on my trip south.


    1. nmp3102 Post author

      Hi there! I am so sorry I didn’t see this before – and know it’s probably too late now, but I’ll throw two cents in anyways. (I’ll send this on in some other slightly revised form as an email too with hopes that it might make it faster.)

      I’m in Cusco for three months and have three pairs of shoes with me – my Bogs boots, a pair of Nike running shoes, and a flat casual pair of Toms. These have covered all of my bases. The streets are not particularly slippery, from all I’ve seen and walked, and I have a pretty terrible sense of balance. Unless you plan to go on some extreme outdoor adventures, hiking boots probably aren’t necessary.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement and positive feedback! It sounds like we have quite a lot in common at this point in our lives, and I’d love to hear your stories at some point too!


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