It’s New Year’s Eve. Everyone everywhere is making lists to reflect on the year that will end tonight, before going out and celebrating. I am sitting in bed, sick with yet-another upper bronchial infection, knitting socks for my roommate. And making one of those lists. Why does last January seem so far away? I’ve changed – hugely – as a person since then, that’s for sure. But something in time’s warping seems off to me right now. Last year I… Read more »

So many things in life are intuitive with regard to their use. That’s how things are supposed to be (or so I tend to think) (see: evolution). But there are some things in our society (and particularly in woman culture) that I just can’t get my head around. Therefore, this small list. High heels. I’m slightly taller than average, and therefore maybe too tall to understand. But why in the world would you ever sacrifice comfort for a couple extra… Read more »

I am in A Mood. Yes, A Mood. One of the ugly even-I-don’t-want-to-deal-with-me moods. I am trying to accept it (and do various things to improve it), and in the meantime, am trying to do some (quite entertaining) reading and musing to cheer myself up. For example: How to Stock an Independent Bookstore The trouble with dry goods (and most of the rest of this blog) Sarah Winkler’s amazing landscapes And half-imagining half-planning the family library for the new house, probably… Read more »

I have done it. I have figured out a system to read and knit at the same time. This has always been my greatest hesitation with knitting – that it takes away my reading time because I can’t hold a book flat and turn pages while also holding my knitting and turning yarn into fabric. I will admit that my current solution is flawed because it doesn’t work with paper books but it works for right now and that’s good… Read more »

I have started knitting a scarf for my mom. A year ago for the holidays I gave her an IOU for a hand-knit scarf or shawl, more specifically, this one. She picked out a vibrant purple in O-Wool Local, and we bought the yarn. Then it sat there. And sat there. I looked over the pattern again and decided I wanted to switch to this one instead. I still never started it. Then, on Sunday, I decided I wanted to… Read more »

My family made a trip to Spain the spring break of my freshman year. Jet-lagged as we all were arriving in Madrid the first day mid-afternoon, my dad and I decided to go on a walk, and as often happens when it’s the two of us walking in a city, we ended up at a bookstore. It was some chain bookstore in Madrid, a couple of blocks from our hotel, and we spent maybe a half hour perusing the selection… Read more »

I got to my host family’s house yesterday. Just minutes ago we unloaded groceries they bought tonight – and my faith was restored that I MIGHT BE ABLE TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY FOR THREE MORE MONTHS BECAUSE – you’ll never guess – THEY HAVE PEANUT BUTTER AND CEREAL. Life is now really, really good.

This post is alternatively titled “Serial-ously?!” and “Cereal-ously?!” because it is focusing on on three seriously serial cereals. (Or something like that.) Seriously?! I unpacked everything, or nearly everything, when I got to Pisac. And last night I was repacking everything to go to Cusco. BUT IT DIDN’T FIT. My father was witness to a major packing freakout the first time I packed before leaving for three months. I was convinced that I needed to fit what I was bringing for three months… Read more »