I woke up around 3:30 this morning convinced that someone was filling up a bathtub on the floor above me. You see, all I could hear was the sound of pouring massive amounts of water, and I knew in my half-dazed state that no one could pee that much or that loudly. So a bathtub it was. I then proceeded to drift in and out of conscious thought, which included college spreadsheets (for the second time recently when waking up… Read more »

I am in Perú, and I am breathless. Granted, there’s altitude playing in there, as I’m now 2900m above sea level, and flew in at 3400m. But it’s not just the altitude – it’s the hard-to-describe feeling of being someplace beautiful beyond words, and also totally on one’s own. I am in Perú, alone, for the next three and a half months. It keeps hitting me like a tidal wave, knocking all composure and breath out of me. After eighteen… Read more »