I love Tosi. Christina Tosi, or Tos, as she tells us to call her in the back of the book. Tosi’s the coolest. I’ve been waiting for Milk Bar Life for months (it was released about three weeks ago) and finally got to read the thing (pretty much cover to cover) for the first time this weekend. Milk Bar Life is exactly as the title says: LIFE at Milk Bar much more than the workhorses that run the place. So yes, Milk… Read more »

I really, really, really, really hate YA lit. Really really really. But I read it this weekend anyways. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Mostly because we were on the bus and I’d finished the other two books I packed (making this one the third in a day – woohoo!). I needed reading material. Zen Gen had read it one way of the bus ride; I finished it in the other. Maybe I’m just washed out and tired of YA (just like… Read more »

Today is K-Stall’s birthday, which means we eat good food at 9:30 and go around and give her compliments. She picks the food. Dorm snack tonight? Same as the last birthday we celebrated: Freedom of Sexual Choice Brownies (widely known on the interwebs as slutty brownies). Feminist teenage girls are great. We legitimately sat in the common room and read on Saturday night. Then, after I went to bed, several people played Settlers of Catan. Our Dean of Students doesn’t… Read more »

I’m a little behind. This weekend has been… quiet. Which is quite nice, but overall unproductivity (I really think this should be a word) is not especially useful when I feel like I’m a little behind. In a number of things… – Reading: I’m reading several books at once, and am still at Book 14 in the year of 100 books. I have a feeling that won’t quite happen at this rate. – Knitting: I have something like six projects… Read more »