There is a chasmic gap between concrete inspiration and inspiration about the way you want to live. Or, at least, the chasmic gap exists for me. When I see something in particular that strikes my fancy, or that inspires something that is directly accessible and achievable in the way I live my life, it’s concrete inspiration. It’s achievable with a couple of steps and some, though minimal, effort on my part. (Examples include stunning sweater patterns; gardening tips; chocolate cake… Read more »

I’ve always been an avid consumer of the knowledge of the world – mostly via books. I don’t think I ever really thought about it as consumption until I met Lou Canelli (who’s blogging here now), who planted the idea in my head freshman year. But it’s true – reading books is a way of consuming the world. Or, even more so, digesting it. In order for us to process all of the stimuli of our daily lives, we take… Read more »

This quote just appeared in my inbox, from a post from The Minimalists. It was too beautiful not to share.   Once we let go of everything, everything remains.

I have a theory that no one actually accomplishes anything they say they will in the first week of January. I mean, of course everyone goes in with the best intentions, but nothing substantial ever really happens. So now that we’re past all of that “it’s a new year!” over-excitement, I felt like I could finally make my list for the beginning of the year and start getting things done (including writing here more). And thus, more than a week later… Read more »