I love making lists. List-making is my thing. And, of course, since it’s the end of the year, a list is in order. Probably a personal list, a memories list. Not intended to be a checklist, or a list of the things that I wish had happened or that I wish I’d done. Just making note, I suppose. In no particular order, though I’ll limit its items to fifteen. And with that, the 2014 list. I learned to knit. I… Read more »

I used to consider myself a runner. In some ways, I suppose I still do, but yesterday morning’s run was the first run in probably a month. About a month ago, as the soccer season was ending and it was getting too cold to play on the field, we did a Sun Hill loop as a team – somewhere between three and four miles, an absolutely beautiful day. Running up at school is different from running at home, in lots… Read more »

I never read as much as I wish I do. It’s sad but true, and has always been true, even at the points in my life when I read seven books at a time. Now it’s hard for me to read two books simultaneously, finishing either in a timely manner is almost out of the question. I have, however, read two books in the past three weeks, and I think that’s okay. Anything is a beginning. The first book was… Read more »